How does it work?

Because Living Coasts are a charity we can be selected as your chosen charity which allows us to receive an automatic donation from your staff’s salary. Staff donating to Living Coasts directly from their salary means they can make a contribution before they are taxed, which effectively makes their gift worth even more to us. We benefit directly by receiving the donation but with the added bonus of also receiving the tax they would have paid on it from the Inland Revenue.

Example donation
  Cost to your staff Amount Living Coasts receives as a donation
20% taxpayer £12 £15
40% taxpayer £9 £15
50% taxpayer £7.50 £15

How is it set up?

The first step is to sign up with a Government approved agency. One of the most popular is the Charities Aid Foundation. Your payroll department will no doubt be able to advise you on this. Once registered, staff members just need to decide how much they would like to donate each month, which can be automatically deducted each pay day. 

For further information about the Charities Aid Foundation please visit or telephone 01732 520019.