Release your inner wild explorer at Living Coasts!

Throughout 2019 you can hire a pair of binoculars and buy a trail sheet* from the main entrance to go on a voyage of discovery!

Stop at our 'wild spotter stations' around Living Coasts and use them to spy the secret animals hiding in our enclosures - from penguins to seals, birds to crustaceans, there are quite a few to discover.

Hand back your binoculars and trail sheet at the Tradewinds gift shop when you've finished to receive a fantastic prize! Plus you'll be entered into a monthly draw to win some amazing gifts.

The prize for September 2019 is a junior fur seal adoption pack!

We look forward to seeing you for this trail!
*£2.00 deposit for the binoculars and £1.50 trail charge apply. The £2.00 deposit will be returned once your binoculars are handed back in.

Feel free to bring your own binoculars if you have them! The £1.50 trail charge will still apply.

don't forget...Your trail money helps our friends in the Falklands!

The Wild Coastal Explorer Trail is in aid of Living Coasts' new partnership with Falklands Conservation to help protect some of the amazing animals living in, on or around the Falkland Islands. We’ve adopted Ship Island, home to some of the most biodiverse populations of seabird found anywhere in the world, a safe refuge for thousands of plucky penguins as well as the winged-wonder known as the wandering albatross.

The island represents a rare case; a place untouched by humans, that is… for the time being. Like many of our planet’s most wonderful ecosystems, the threat of climate change, human disturbance, overfishing and habitat loss have meant that what was once a beacon of hope for seabird breeding is balancing precariously on a knife-edge. It still is a place of magic – but only just.

In order to ensure that these amazing creatures will always have a place to thrive, our mission is to maintain this vital habitat and we’ll be working with a respected conservation charity on the island. This means planting fields of tussac grass in areas where degradation has taken place and, in doing so, we hope to restore some of the historic breeding grounds used by generations of the birds over the course of countless years.



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