UPDATE: New mum Grace has been unable to produce milk to feed her pup, so zoo keepers have stepped in to help.
The pup is a good birth weight and very alert and active. She will now be fed by hand.
This means that she will not be on show for a while – we’ll let you know more as soon as we can.

South American fur seal Grace gave birth to the pup early on the morning of Tuesday 3rd June. Mother and pup were discovered beside the pool when staff checked in on them at 7:30 this morning.

This is the third seal pup to be born at Torquay’s coastal zoo. The last, Oscar, was born in June 2007. Living Coasts operations manager Clare Rugg said: “Mother and pup are being left to bond. They appear to be relaxed and healthy. All of our seals have birthdays around now - Grace was 13 on 26th May, Tunanta will be 8 on the 7th June and father Karel will be eleven on 21st June.”

The pup’s sex will not be determined for some time. Clare: “It’s very early days, and there’s always the risk of complications. We might find ourselves having to hand-rear, but natural parenthood is always preferable. So far mother and pup seem fine.”

It will probably be some weeks before the new arrival takes to the water and it could be up to six months before the pup is weaned.

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