The seals at Living Coasts have been given a seasonal treat – a pumpkin filled with squid. And, while it may not be your idea of a delicacy, they clearly loved it.

Keepers at Torquay’s coastal zoo floated the pumpkin in the seal pool and the seals attacked it enthusiastically to get the fish out. As the pumpkin was encased in ice, they had to wait for this to melt in the salt water before they could reach their prize.

It was part water polo, part puzzle and all fun. It’s a good example of what zoos call environmental enrichment; objects and activities that stimulate animals mentally and / or physically. Pet owners do a spot of environmental enrichment every time they give their pets a new toy to play with.

There are five South American fur seals at Living Coasts. Five month old pup Tamar and his mother Grace are living separately from the others until Tamar is bigger. The rest of the group consists of father Karel (pronounced Carl) and young females Gemini (born in 2014) and Tunanta (the first seal pup to be born there) to play with. Gemini is Tamar’s full sister, while Tunanta is unrelated.

Tamar was named by local business Tamar Telecommunications. Managing Director Jamie Christoforou made a successful bid for the right to name the pup at Paignton Zoo’s charity adoption auction.

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