They travelled first class all the way. Clare Rugg, Living Coasts Operations Manager, explained: “We had to buy special equipment such as polystyrene fish transport boxes, heavy duty water bags and heat pads. A bag was filled with water from the tank, the ray placed in the bag which was then topped up with oxygen, sealed and triple bagged. The bag was put in the polystyrene box with heat pads, sealed and bubble wrapped.” They made the 500 mile journey by road and sea.

The two blue spotted sting rays (Neotrygon kuhlii) have gone to the Aquarium de Paris. Spotty was born in July 2011, has a wing span of 28cm and weighs around 600g. His little brother Sheldon was born in May 2012, has a 26cm wing span and weighs around 500g.

Adam Johnstone, Senior Aquarist at Living Coasts, explained: “They are leaving here to make room for the remaining rays to grow, to allow for new births and to balance the sex ratio of the group. We hope they will help form a new breeding group in France.” The move leaves the coastal zoo with 2 males and 2 females. There are no plans to bring in any more fish at present.

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