The special cake, in the shape of a macaroni penguin, celebrates the first decade of Living Coasts, Torquay’s coastal zoo and aquarium. This feat of culinary engineering is a 7-teir reinforced fruit cake smothered in marzipan and icing. It is some 60 centimetres (2 feet) tall and weighs around 15 kilos (33 pounds). It was created by Hallett’s the Bakers, the leading South Devon craft bakers, who supply the Living Coasts cafe. Helen Hallett, who made the cake, said: “I built a tower of fruit cake with supports at every level, then sculpted the shape with a sharp knife. The cake was covered in marzipan and finally black sugar-paste. After all that, replicating the head details was probably the easier part of the project!” It took Helen about 5 hours to create the penguin. The cake will be on display in the café before and during the birthday weekend. It will be divided up for staff and volunteers to enjoy. Living Coasts, on the English Riviera, opened in July 2003.

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