Living Coasts is among zoos and aquariums around the world supporting a campaign against marine litter. Torquay’s coastal zoo has joined the Our Ocean campaign.

Philip Knowling, spokesperson for Living Coasts, said: “We are happy to be part of this project because it is about global action with local benefits. The sea and the coastline are so important to us here in Torbay and South Devon, but the threat of marine plastics is a worldwide issue.”

Over 70 establishments have signed up to Our Ocean, representing countries as far afield as Peru, Canada, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, USA and Vietnam.

“It’s clear that plastic is causing devastating damage to marine ecosystems. Around the world, millions of marine animals are killed every year by plastics. Incredibly, it’s thought that by 2050, plastic will outweigh fish in the oceans!”

Living Coasts’ Clare Rugg added: “As a charity that is both situated next to and focused on the coast, it’s our job to talk about issues like this and to put information in front of our many visitors. This is conservation advocacy at work.”

Living Coasts features a display in the aquarium area to reinforce the message on plastic litter. Educators are also aiming to get children to make animals out of plastic and aluminium cans to add to the display.

Additionally, Living Coasts is supporting the Blue Flag awards in the Bay. Ten Torbay beaches have won Seaside Awards; three of these have also been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Awards.

Living Coasts and its parent charity, the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, has stopped selling single-use plastic drinks bottles in its shops and catering outlets to highlight the marine litter issue using the line: Marine Plastic – Let’s Turn the Tide. For more information go to: and use the hashtag #OurOcean.

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