Now, Torquay’s coastal zoo is giving everyone who visits the chance to vote for her name.

Living Coasts’ Marketing Manager Katherine Sobey explained: “We have a shortlist of ten names. Some were suggested by staff, others by people on Facebook. We have a collecting box in the entrance hall. People can vote by dropping a donation into the appropriate slot. This way, everyone who visits us gets to vote and we raise money for conservation work at the same time.”

The two-month old pup can be seen by visitors to Living Coasts, though she is living apart from the adult seals because she is very small and doesn’t yet swim that well.

The ten short-listed names are: Clara; Gemini; Ariana; Destiny; Milagro (meaning miracle); Hope; Elsa; Cookie; Faith; Devon.

The competition will run through the summer holidays. For more information ring 01803 202470.

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