Last year Cleo painted the popular Bananarilla for the Great Gorillas Project. Her design for this gorilla uses the Living Coasts penguin logo in a striking all-over pattern. She has dubbed her new work Penguilla.

Hayley Gibson, from Living Coasts, said: “This is part of the legacy of the Great Gorillas Project. We hope this piece of free public art will attract attention and bring people down to the end of the quay. It may become an unofficial mascot for Living Coasts or even for Torquay!”

Cleo also ran mini penguin painting workshops for children of all ages. For a donation they were able to paint their own six inch tall plaster penguin and take it home with them afterwards. “It was crazy! It was so popular we sold out on the first morning. We got through 70 penguins in 2 hours!”

The new gorilla will stand on the quayside at the entrance to Living Coasts, in the place where Hippocampus guttulatus, created by artist Deborah Treliving for sponsors Cavanna Homes, stood during the Great Gorillas Project.

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