As well as not looking particularly nice, it is actually dangerous for wildlife and potentially anything or anyone using the sea and the beach.

Litter on our beaches comes from many different places, but it is all preventable.

According to the Marine Conservation Society, ‘Beach litter is at its highest since records began’ and the amount of plastic found on beaches has risen by 140% since 1994.

Seabirds in particular mistake floating bits of plastic for food, the plastics stay in their stomachs and eventually kill them.  Many dead seabirds are found to have some sort of plastic in their body.

But it is not all doom and gloom, I promise.  We are in a great position to make a difference. We can organise and take part in beach cleans, which are simple and effective in reducing the amount of litter on our beaches and in the ocean.

At Living Coasts we work closely with the Marine Conservation Society and organise beach cleans as part of their Beach Watch campaign.  An important part of the event is to collect data on the specific types of litter that we collect during our events.  This data aids their research into what is being washed up on our beaches in order to reduce the amount of marine litter that ends up on our beaches in the future.

Beach cleans are fun and sociable too - the whole family can join in.  It enables you to explore your local beach or perhaps somewhere new, you can meet different people and get some fresh air and exercise. One of my favourite things is to do my own mini beach cleans, I am also known to litter pick wherever I am in general - try it, it makes you feel good!

Every piece of plastic that we pick up is a positive step towards helping create a safer environment for wildlife, our families, friends and ourselves.

Our next beach clean is at Beacon Cove (right next to Living Coasts) on Friday 29th May, 9:00 – 11:00 and in the café afterwards for a bacon roll and hot drink! Come and join us for the clean-up and earn that breakfast. If you can’t make this one, look on our website for more beach cleans and exciting events.

See on the beach….

For more information about our upcoming beach cleans please visit the Living Coasts events page.

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