Our newest arrival is causing a stir. This penguin has come all the way from Denmark. He had a very long voyage across the North Sea; upon arrival, staff gave this fine fellow a quick inspection, a bit of light feather preening and a brief quarantine period. Now he is ready to meet the visitors of Living Coasts. He is a marvellous specimen and not to missed.

Oh, and he’s five feet tall…! Yes, you heard me correctly. Five feet tall.

Unnamed and unsexed, as you can imagine he is causing quite a stir among our visitors and our penguin patrol team, who are in awe of such an amazingly large breed of penguin, albeit of the cuddly variety.

Mr Penguin has yet to be named - suggestions are welcome. He stands proudly in his new environment in the Living Coasts shop. He stands watch over our shop staff, keeping an eye on the day to day goings on here. He welcomes a cuddle from visitors of all ages and is more than happy to take a selfie with everyone and anyone.

Let the staff know of any name suggestions you may have for Mr Penguin. Don’t forget to #LivingCoasts with your selfies.

Ben Robson-Burrell, Retail Supervisor

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