Searching for that unique gift for a friend or loved one? Well, look no further. We’ve compiled our top five animal-themed gift ideas so you can give the perfect prezzie.

Animal feeding experiences

First up, the chance for a close encounter with an exotic animal. Sounds amazing, right? It really is! This fab experience is the perfect present for any lover of animals. It allows you to meet and feed penguin, seal, otter or ray. You can book a date over the ‘phone or buy a voucher via our website which can be redeemed by giving us a call and booking a time. You can book up to four places so that you can do the experience as a group. The cost entities you to entry to the Zoo, so you can wander around and see all the other animals, too.


Number two is great for those with a favourite animal – adopt it for them! Now, this doesn’t mean you have to take it home and look after it – you can leave that to the experts. But this awesome gift does mean that you can give someone a special gift linked to their special animal. Animals currently available include African penguin, macaroni penguin, otter, seal, blue-spotted ribbon tail ray, octopus and tufted puffin. There are different sorts of adoptions – take a look here:

Keeper or junior keeper experience

Number three is the ultimate gift for those 'wannabe' zookeepers. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like behind the scenes at a zoo, here's your chance! The recipient will spend time with the keepers and will get to find out exactly what it’s like to look after some of the awesome rare and endangered species that we keep here. They will go behind the scenes and take part in a variety of tasks. There’s a keeper experience for grown-ups and a junior keeper experience for those aged 8 to 15. In addition, anyone with the right qualifications can dive with the penguins. For more information, go to:

Annual pass

Number four is the perfect gift for people who love zoos. Get them an annual pass and they will be able to visit Living Coasts, Paignton Zoo AND Newquay Zoo as many times as they like for a whole year. They can even get discounts in our food and retail outlets when they are visiting. We offer individual or family passes.

Amazon Wishlist

If those suggestions don’t quite cut it, then this one certainly will! Number five is the perfect gift for the person who has everything - buy a gift for one of our animals instead. Check out our Amazon Wishlist to see exactly what our animals want for Christmas. Buy a gift for the penguins and they’ll have hours of fun that will also enrich their health and wellbeing. And when the person you bought the gift for comes to visit, they might even get to see their item being used by the animals.

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