In the first few weeks of February, we had a complete change in the Living Coasts shop. It needed to be completed before February half term. No pressure then!

The tricky bit is knowing where to begin, as moving one selection of products has a knock-on effect. You swap penguin beach to seal cove, but seals aren’t going to penguin beach, they are going where the otters are… Do the animal staff have this problem?

We decided, as a team, that a shop move would be a brilliant way to start the year. We thought about where our visitors spend most of their time when they are in the shop, which way the majority walk through and any areas that don’t get so many visitors. We looked at the products we were going to have this year and what would bring visitors through the quieter bits of the shop.

In the end, the whole shop was completely flipped around. Near enough all products and displays moved to opposite where they had been.

The most noticeable area is our Penguin Beach section, under the great arches from the remains of the swimming pool that was here before. All the display units have been painted white to give the stock location impact, but also to mimic where most of their real counterparts spend most of their time. We are now full with lots of penguin products, from cuddly toys and stationery to books – and even handbags.

A lot of thought has gone into the placement of all our products. The appropriate products at the right heights for little fingers, sweets placed for last-minute purchases, even the way we hope to encourage our visitors to walk through, using our displays to create a natural and interesting flow. I hope you like it!

Ben Robson-Burrell, Living Coasts Retail Supervisor

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