Penguin Name: Yoyo

Age: He was 6 on the 27th May

Species: Macaroni penguin

When did Yoyo come to Living Coasts? Yoyo was hatched at Living Coasts to parents Corrine and Blue

Hand or Parent Reared? Yoyo was the first egg and so rolled out by his parents (a normal behaviour for macaroni penguins where the first egg is discarded and they put all their incubation efforts in to the second egg laid). Keepers placed the egg in an incubator and when they discovered it was fertile, they kept it until hatching and hand reared Yoyo. 

Can be identified by: Yoyo has a yellow band with black on it and has the only yellow tag on Penguin Beach, making him very easy to identify.

Where can Yoyo be spotted on the beach: Yoyo is often found hanging out on the decking.

Dating Life: Yoyo has only just reached breeding age, but he is trying very hard to get himself a partner.

Personality Traits: A very friendly, handsome, confident and cheeky penguin.

Penguin Insights: Yoyo starred in BBC’s The Zoo and even had his own episode! (Series 1, episode 5)

An inquisitive penguin, Yoyo used to wait for the public to open doors and then try and sneak through. Eventually, his keepers had to give him a tour of Living Coasts to help cure his curiosity!

This year, Yoyo demonstrated his nest building skills while trying to attract a partner. He tried so hard to impress the ladies that he found an egg shaped stone and incubated it himself!


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