Penguin Name: Solly

Age: He was 10 in May this year

Species: Macaroni penguin

When did Solly come to Living Coasts? 28th June 2010 when he was about 1 year old

Where did Solly come from? Twycross Zoo, UK

Hand or Parent Reared? Hand reared

Can be identified by: Solly has a crossed beak and his tag is red and blue on green

Where can they be spotted on the beach: He lives at the top of the beach amongst the African penguins

Dating Life: Popular with the ladies, Solly was paired with Mrs Slick but sadly, we lost her last year. Other ladies have tried to get his affections, including Rocky and Mikado, but Solly is content being a singleton for the moment.

Personality Traits: Calm and gentle but he’s a great nest defender!

Penguin insights:
When Solly first came to Living Coasts, he couldn’t swim and was afraid of the water. Our keepers had to carry him and sit with him in the water to help calm his phobia and teach him to swim.

Solly is very fond of Penguin Patroller Jane and he often keeps her company, sitting by her feet.

Although Solly is very good natured, he does have a mischievous side and once hid on an ice cream trolley at Penguin Beach. He stayed hidden until it reached the Jetty, where he jumped out, much to everyone’s surprise! 

Solly is currently the star of our TV advert, leaflets and talk times brochure.

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