Penguin Name: Phoebe

Age: An old girl at 20 years, her next birthday is 27th December

Species: African penguin

When did Evie come to Living Coasts? Phoebe is one of Penguin Beach’s original inhabitants - she came from Paignton Zoo 16 years ago when Living Coasts first opened.

Can be identified by: Tag reference ZO447

Where can Evie be spotted on the beach: Phoebe is normally in a burrow at the bottom of the beach but that may change soon!

Dating Life: Phoebe is happily partnered with Fergus

Personality Traits: One of the quieter, sweeter and more gentle penguins on the beach. Phoebe can be a little nervous around people.

Penguin Insights: 

Phoebe and Fergus had a son, Thomas on 2nd September 2015. Penguin Patroller Jane tells us he is a handsome lad!
The pair are currently in the market for a new burrow and have been eyeing up a rock burrow at the top of the beach.
Phoebe has three black spots under her chest strap and her beak has a beautiful rounded top.
At feeding time, Phoebe likes to ‘dine and dash’. She waits by the rope on the opposite side of the penguin crossing and will dash over to get food and then dash off again. A process she repeats several times during the feed.

Quotes All the animals are lovely with plenty of space to move about and play. Quotes