Penguin Name: Kevin

Age: Kevin will be 6 on the 11th November

Species: African penguin

When did Kevin come to Living Coasts? Kevin was hatched at Living Coasts to parents Alice and Henry

Hand or Parent Reared? Kevin was hatched on Penguin Beach but rejected by his parents after 10-12 days, so the keepers decided to hand rear him.

Can be identified by: Black tag with reference ZO701

Dating Life: Kevin is partnered with Mini

Personality Traits: Very friendly, handsome and confident penguin

Penguin insights:
Named after Kevin from Harry Enfield’s Kevin and Perry duo as he was quite stroppy to begin with and he refused to eat from keeper’s hands.

“He’s definitely the ‘cool dude’ on the beach, a lot of the young adults follow him around” Penguin Patroller Jane explains.

Kevin once made his way down the front entrance ramp to explore while hunting for the perfect burrow for his partner Mini.

Despite being a bit of a cool dude, Kevin has some very endearing traits. His partner Mini isn’t very confident with the steps on the decking, so Kevin will often come over to accompany her down them.


Quotes All the animals are lovely with plenty of space to move about and play. Quotes