Penguin Name: Evie

Age: Evie was 1 on the 1st September 2019

Species: African penguin

When did Evie come to Living Coasts? Evie was hatched at Living Coasts to parents Burt and Ping

Hand or Parent Reared? Initially parent reared, when Evie started to lose her appetite at around 10 days old, the keepers decided to step in and hand rear. We followed Evie’s story quite closely and if you would like to know more, have a look at the links below.
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Can be identified by: Tag reference 10150

Where can Evie be spotted on the beach: Evie is usually hanging out on the decking

Dating Life: Evie has a way to go yet, she won’t reach breeding age for another 2 years.

Personality Traits: Very confident around people. Evie enjoys swimming, bubbles and feather enrichment.

Penguin Insights: 

Evie likes to help the keepers on the beach when they are working – she can be quite inquisitive!
She enjoys spending time with the eider ducks and often hangs out with them on the decking.
She has a little sister Luna and two big brothers, Seth and Crosby.
Evie is still in her juvenile plumage but will moult sometime between now and 18 months old.


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