Hi, I’m Wilby, and I’m an Asian short-clawed otter. Today, Thursday 25th May, is World Otter Day, so they asked me to write a blog.

I have a cool bachelor pad right by the sea – it’s called Living Coasts. We have a centrally heated house and some grounds to run around in and our own private swimming pool. People come to visit us – there are seals, penguins and fish at Living Coasts, too, but I think they mainly come to see us.

I live with my brother Willy. He might be a little bigger than me, but I’m the oldest so I’m the boss! We were born at Newquay Zoo as part of a breeding programme. We get on well together - we are a family-orientated species and like to spend time with each other. We eat, play, sleep and have fun together.

We have servants who wait on us hand and foot. The main one is called Libor. He prepares our meals – fish, crayfish, mice, chicks, meat, mealworms, we’re not fussy - and tidies up after us and gives us stuff to play with. We’ve been training him since we got here; we gained his trust by allowing him to hand feed us. Now, he’ll do anything for us.

Our species is listed as Threatened, so the people at Living Coasts take good care of us. They like to tell visitors all about us. They say we’re ambassadors for our species – being an ambassador is a very important job, so no wonder they’re so nice to us!

A typical day for us starts with breakfast. Libor likes us to stay inside while he cleans our enclosure. He hides food all over the place, then we go out and find it while he tidies up indoors. He gives us stuff to play with, like bamboo, willow or pine branches. We also have a remote-control car, which we like chasing. We have brunch at 11.15 and afternoon tea at 3.15. By the end of the day we’re tired out from all that swimming, chasing, playing and eating, so it’s back to the pad for just a few more fish and a well-earned rest.

Because today is World Otter Day we’ve had a special cake made with squid, fish, meat and mealworms – yum! - and a new toy to play with – a model boat. I think I might try to sink it later… I love World Otter Day – it’s like Christmas for otters!

Wilby the otter. With thanks to Libor Mach, Senior keeper/Diver

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