Can one man change the world? If one man CAN change the world, or even a part of it, then that man might just be Wayne Dixon.

Wayne and his dog Koda – a calm, imposing Northern Inuit - are walking the coast of the UK on a mission to clean it up – all 8,000 miles of it.

He’s a stolid, quietly charismatic man in layers of wet-weather gear, with his giant dog attached to his belt. Wayne attended the recent Living Coasts beach clean at Goodrington thanks to our partners, the Torbay Cleaner Coasts Initiative. He happened to be in the area and was happy to turn up.

He’s seen many beach cleans on his walk around the nation; the current wave of concern is heartening, but he knows the problem is deeper and wider than a passing fad. We must all make sure that marine litter is not a passing fad.

These days, there’s lots of talk about marine plastic, but of course it’s so much more than that. Rope, nylon, fabric, metal… It’s all out there, floating in our waters, sinking to the seabed, breaking down into smaller pieces, being eaten by wildlife and entering the food chain.

Wayne talks about litter and social ills and a lack of respect. He decries the speed of modern life and a lack of individual responsibility. He’s eloquent and challenging and prepared to stand up – and walk – for what he believes in. He’s inspiring.

Wayne may be one man taking on a global crisis. He may have little more than principles and a grave determination to do the right thing. But you wouldn’t want to bet against him changing the world.

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