What do you do if you’re retired but you still want to DO stuff? If you’ve reached that golden time where you no longer need to earn, but still have loads of energy to give?

One answer is to think about volunteering. As the New Year gets to its feet, we’re looking for new volunteers. But we’re not seeking skills handling penguins, fur seals, otters or octopus. Instead you’ll need to be great with that most extraordinary of species – human beings.

The three volunteer roles we are recruiting for now are all to do with helping visitors: meeting and greeting people as they arrive; fundraising; and providing information.

They’d suit people who have retired from a career in, for example, customer services, or any job which involved communications and people skills. But equally, they could be ideal for anyone who is willing to learn and develop these skills. You won’t get up close and personal with our animals, but you will be volunteering in an environment where the animals are all around you.

We have a range of volunteer roles at Living Coasts. At the moment we are looking for additional Meet and Greet volunteers, Activities volunteers to help children make badges or magnets, and Visitor Experience Guides, who talk to people about species, ecosystems, campaigns and our conservation work.

Volunteering has been shown to be good for both your mental and physical health and is a chance to give something back to your community in a way that suits you. There’s also a terrific social network at Living Coasts. You can meet other volunteers and members of staff and chat over coffee - you’ll always be learning about other things going on here. It’s a great place to be part of!

To volunteer at Living Coasts, you do need to be over 18 and live within easy travelling distance of the facility, which is at Beacon Quay. Living Coasts is a conservation and education charity which support projects overseas and in the UK.
For more information go to www.livingcoasts.org.uk/support-us/volunteer or ring 01803 697511.

Volunteers’ Coordinator Frankie Lawrence-Thompson

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