My name is Caroline and I work in Visitor Services and Front of House. I’ve been at Living Coasts since we opened in 2003. Initially I was employed as a seasonal member of the Front of House team, but was lucky enough to be taken on full time at the end of my first season. I’ve been here ever since.

My role and indeed my life has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. After having my daughter I returned on a part-time basis to Front of House and later covered my line manager’s maternity leave. These days I get the best of both worlds – I spend half of my week in the main office as Visitor Services Supervisor and the rest of the week selling tickets and dealing with customers at the front entrance.

Visitor Services is the office based side of my job. As well as helping to co-ordinate the admin, Front of House and grounds teams, I am also responsible for staff training, outside contractors, maintenance and Health & Safety issues such as the dreaded risk assessments. So, if you need 20 bags of kiln dried sand ordered this morning or want to know when your first aid certificate expires, then I’m your girl.

Front of House is the fun and unpredictable side of the job – after all, add the great British public into the mix and anything can happen! As well as ensuring that visitors are sold the right tickets in a welcoming and professional manner and maximising donations and Gift Aid, we also act as a local tourist information office.

“Where can I take windsurfing lessons?” Thank goodness for the Internet. “I was told Torquay has a beach.” Let me just explain the concept of tides – the beach is currently under water but should reappear in about 6 hours. “I have these pre-paid tickets, can I use them?” No, sorry – these were purchased in 2003 and expired nearly 10 years ago…

But would I change? Not for anything. I enjoy meeting and talking to people and get satisfaction if I can help them with a problem. No two days are the same – Front of House is a busy and vibrant place. I enjoy working with my colleagues; we put a lot of effort into promoting Living Coasts and have fun at the same time. Oh, and the view from our office – that just can’t be beaten.

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