Earlier this summer staff organised a beach clean at Beacon Cove (Torquay): a small, picturesque beach right next to Living Coasts. It is well known for having been the favourite bathing spot of a young Agatha Christie. Nowadays Beacon Cove, like many beaches the world over, is besieged by marine litter. It’s a problem that is both unsightly for beach users and a danger to animals.

Beacon Cove beach cleans have become regular events for us. This time, two members of the Living Coasts team, supported by nine volunteers, recorded the data as part of a Marine Conservation Society survey. On this occasion an incredible eight kilos of rubbish were collected. This included 10 aerosol cans, 90 bottle caps, 157 cigarette stubs, 104 sweet wrappers, 67 pieces of plastic (of various sizes) and, shockingly, 315 pieces of glass, along with 7 intact glass bottles. In some ways this is just scratching the surface. For the full list of litter removed from Beacon Cove that day please download the full Beach Clean Inventory.

The results speak for themselves and show how important beach cleans are; they keep our marine environment both attractive and safe. So come down and join us for our next beach cleans! We are holding events on 19th and 20th September 2015 (3:00pm to 5:00pm both days). Full details can be found by visiting our Beach Clean events page.  

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