Beach clean creativeOn 17th February in very blustery weather, a group of Applied Animal Science degree students and volunteers carried out a beach clean at Beacon Cove in association with Living Coasts.

The aim of the beach clean was to clear rubbish from the beach and in particular to monitor the amount of plastics on the beach.

The final year degree students Amy, Lauren and Erica were carrying out the event to highlight the issues of plastics in our seas and to educate the wider public about the problems caused by marine litter.  Plastics in the sea cause damage to the ecosystem and can seriously injure and kill sea life, mammals and birds.

Several bags of litter including plastics, metals and glass were collected from the beach, leaving it much cleaner than before.  All the children who participated in the beach clean were awarded with a chocolate prize to enjoy after the event. 

The beach clean was followed by a fantastic craft event that afternoon, also organised by the students.  Children visiting Living Coasts had fun making amazing under-the-sea creature sculptures from recycled plastics, colouring, painting and doing word searches too – there was something for everyone to have a try at!  The visitors made some amazing creations and learned about the problems of marine litter too including how to avoid plastics getting into the sea.   

Lauren Higginson, Amy Hutchins and Erica Evans - South Devon College

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