10/05/15 – the bank cormorants are doing well, the third one was nearly 1 kg yesterday, it should be over that when I go in today as it fed really well yesterday. The other two are over 1.3kg and 1.4kg.

Growth rates have slowed for those two as they approach full size.  All three no longer need heat lamps and are outside in a pen during the day and in a larger pen inside during the night. The first two have been together for a while now and the third joined then in the outside pen for the whole day yesterday.

12/05/15 – The chicks are all doing well, the third should be over 1 kg today and they are all off heat lamps and going out in the sun in the day. All three are getting on with each other now that the third is approaching a similar size to the others.

It’s the end of my time in South Africa. I’m feeling good. It will be nice to get home but sad to leave the cormorants. On the whole I feel the trip has been successful. We seem to have established a successful diet and have certainly learnt a few things to do – and not to do – next time.

Living Coasts’ senior keeper Lois Rowell has gone to spend 6 weeks in South Africa with local bird charity SANCCOB to help with our joint bank cormorant project. 

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