14/04/15 – All five cormorant chicks are doing OK.  Although two have been sick. The first to be ill is back to normal and on last day of medication tomorrow.  The second to be sick is more lively today and putting on weight now.

I have candled the five other eggs today and two are dead.  The other three look OK to me and the egg buddy gizmo agrees. It indicates movement and heart beat in all three, so it looks promising.

15/04/15 – Bad news: we have lost a chick.  It was the fourth to hatch – not one of the two which have been unwell.  It had been putting on weight but only about 3% for the last two days.  Vomiting occurred this morning. It was dead by lunch time.  It has been sent for post mortem – probably died of an infection. We have three viable eggs in the incubator.

20/04/15 – Today hasn’t been very good, unfortunately. Another chick died, the small one that was on medication.  The last two remaining eggs that were at point of hatch are also dead I think. On the positive side – We have four chicks at present, the fourth is still tiny so it’s early days with that one.

The chicks had a bacterial infection that caused them to die – A problem for any young animals in the early stages of their life. The chicks that are still alive are doing well and thriving on the diet of meat and fish.

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