indoor under 5's soft play       

This area is designed for young children (under 5's) to burn off some energy no matter what the weather is outside – so older children and adults can take some time to enjoy watching the penguins underwater!

'let's turn the tide' plastics exhibit

Our plastics exhibit opposite the seal underwater viewing area was installed back in March 2018, after being created by our talented Graphics artist, Jackie. The colourful display depicts many marine creatures made out of plastic that was collected from local beaches.
This work reaffirms our commitment to reducing plastic waste and raising awareness of the issue of plastic pollution in our lakes, seas and oceans.


interactive sandpits 

Full of fun for all ages, our two animated sandpits are augmented reality that can be used by several guests at once, while adding a new level to the classic idea of the sandpit. When you shape the sand into mountains and valleys, an overhead sensor maps the area, analyses the change and reacts to it - leading to the appearance of marine animals that move around as you play!

Draw Alive Wall

In our Hidden Treasures exhibit, you will encounter some new technology means you can colour in a sea creature and see it come to life in front of your eyes!
Last autumn, we installed an electronic wall where drawings are turned into animations.
Guests can colour in one of a range of marine creatures, including tropical fish, seahorses and rays, scan them and then interact with them on the large 110" LED screen.

Crawl tank

What does a starfish look like under the water? Children can crawl under the tank in Local Coasts to find out. It's like being under a huge transparent rockpool!



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