Essential information

Below is a guide to ensure you all have a fun and safe day!


As parking is limited, coaches can drop off along the harbourside. The nearest coach parking is located at Daddyhole Plain or Lymington Road.

Lunch bags

Your group can bring a packed lunch to enjoy on the beach, at the seal pool outdoor seating area or pending availability in the café.  We can provide lunch in our café however this must be arranged before your visit.

Visiting the shop

We know children love to pick up a souvenir of their day so if you would like them to visit the Tradewinds Gift Shop then please notify our team when you book. It is also handy should there be a large group of students to allow them in to the shop in small supervised groups.


We want all our visitors to have an enjoyable time at Living Coasts. To ensure their safety and well-being it is the responsibility of accompanying adults to ensure that students behave in a sensible manner.

Teachers and other accompanying adults are admitted free or at a discounted rate on the understanding that they will keep an eye and be responsible for the management and discipline of their pupils or students. 

Ratios for free supervising adults are:

  • EYFS = 1:2
  • KS1 = 1:6
  • KS2-KS4 = 1:10
  • Post 16 = 1:15

Pre-visits for teachers - free of charge

When you have booked your workshop we offer free entry to risk assess and plan your day for 2 members of school staff. You can also download a copy of our risk assessment guidance.

If you would like to see what we have to offer or make a booking, please telephone our Education Team on 01803 697569 or email us at [email protected].

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