torbay cleaner coasts initiative

Torbay Cleaner Coasts Initiative aims to clean up and protect the coastal habitats in Torbay, Devon. It is a unique partnership between the local authorities, conservation charities and commercial businesses including Living Coasts, Fathoms Free, Tide, Community Seagrass Initiative, Marine Management Organisation, Torbay Harbour Office, Torbay Council, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, Nautilus Dive Charters and British Divers Marine Life Rescue. Each partner bringing their own perspective and capabilities, united in their passion for protecting the environment from the issues it faces today. Our main objective is to reduce and prevent marine litter pollution in Torbay and its impact on marine organisms, habitats, and public health and safety as well as reducing the socioeconomic costs it causes.

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The project partners remove litter from the marine environment where practical and feasible, by organising ghost gear retrieval dives and from the coastal area through beach and coastal cleans in and around Torbay. We enhance knowledge and awareness of marine litter and its consequences through educational materials and opportunities to engage with local communities. Marine users will be supported in litter reduction by highlighting and promoting use of environmentally friendly alternatives, sustainable practices and recycling options.


If you are passionate about protecting the coast, please get in touch for volunteering opportunities. If you can't join in the activities for whatever reason, you can still make a valuable contribution by liking and sharing the TCCI Facebook page and posts, and helping spread awareness within your circles

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