Throughout 2017-19, Living Coasts is participating in two campaigns developed by EAZA and BIAZA, joining forces with their other member zoos in the UK and Europe. 

EAZA Silent Forest – Asian Songbird Crisis

Songbirds in Asia are threatened with extinction due to excessive and strongly cultural rooted consumption of wild songbirds for trade, songbird competitions, pets, export, traditional medicine and food. This campaign aims to save a growing number of songbirds by increasing knowledge, awareness and commitment to do action within and beyond the zoo community. We will be using the mangrove exhibit to focus on songbirds from that habitat.

BIAZA ‘Grab that Gap’

The ‘Grab that Gap’ campaign encourages all member organisations to ‘grab’ areas of unused space within their zoo or aquarium sites, and plant wildflowers throughout March 2017, in order to create mini-meadows for the summer.

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