The lionfish is native to the Indo-Pacific. They can be found around the seaward edge of reefs and corals, in lagoons and on rocky surfaces to fifty metres. They show a preference for turbid inshore areas and harbours. Found from depths of 1-76m.

Zoo Diet

Our lionfish are fed one to three mussels each, twice a week, as well as fish chunks. They are unlikely to eat more as they have a very slow metabolism. 

Wild Diet

They prey mostly on small fish, invertebrates and molluscs, such as shrimp and crabs.


Lionfish have a general hostile attitude and are territorial towards other reef fish. This species is either solitary or is sometimes found in small groups.


Pterois species are generally solitary, but form large spawning aggregations. The female will follow male to the surface and back several times before spawning takes place. The male will breed with several females. Spawning is likely to place year round and the female can release up to 15,000 eggs at a time. Fertilised eggs usually hatch within 36 hours. 


Pollution in coral reefs may lead to habitat degradation and reduction in prey.


There are currently no species-specific conservation measures in place.



  • Latin Name: Pterois antennata
  • Order: Scorpaeniformes
  • Family: Scorpaenidae
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern
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