Big-bellied Seahorse

Big-bellied Seahorse

Found in Australia and New Zealand, the big bellied seahorse is found in large rock pools at low tide, amidst seaweed. Juveniles are pelagic or attached to drifting seaweed.

Wild Diet

They eat mainly crustaceans such as shrimp and other small animals living among the seaweed such as copepods and amphipods.


When they are not swimming they will coil their prehensile tail around any suitable growth such as seaweed and wait for planktonic animals to drift by. They suck them up with their small mouth set at the tip of the snout much like a vacuum cleaner.


Breeding can commence when the seahorses are about one year old. The male seahorses carry the young and can give birth to up to 490 babies at a time


Habitat degradation and disturbance through direct anthropogenic activities such as coastal developments and the effect of fishing gear e.g. trawls and dredge.


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  • Latin Name: Hippocampus abdominalis
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