Atlantic Mudskippers

Atlantic Mudskippers

This species occurs throughout most of the West African coastline from Mauritania in the north southwards as far as Angola. Found mainly in estuarine mangrove swamps where it lives on and around mudflats at the water's edge. Some populations live in highly tidal areas, where the flats are only exposed at low tide.

Wild Diet

Main diet includes small crabs, insects and supposedly baby mudskippers too.


The fish emerge to forage when the water level is low, retreating underwater to their burrows when the water levels begin to rise. They flee from predators by skipping or hopping across mudflats and into mangrove forests or into their burrows.


Not much is known about the breeding habits but it is thought they mate and nest within their burrows.


This species is harvested in subsistence fisheries and has commercial value as an aquarium fish.


Least concern


  • Latin Name: Periophthalmus barbarus
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