Work experience

If you are looking for work experience, Living Coasts offers a limited number of placements in our keeper department. Please read below to see if you are eligible for a place.

We have many applications for work experience and only a limited number of hours available to accommodate students at this site and have the following policy in place:

  • We can only take students over the age over 18 with keepers department for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks.
  • All students must send in a CV and covering letter explaining what type of work experience is required and the dates available.
  • All students must be studying on an animal related course.
  • All students must provide a reference from their place of study.
  • The placements will then be awarded based on date availability and suitability of the candidate.

Please send all work experience enquiries to: email [email protected]

or the following address:

Work Experience
Living Coasts
Torquay Harbourside
Beacon Quay


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