YOU MUST HOLD A DIVING CERTIFICATE and be over 18 years old*

Explore the underwater realm that is our penguin pool and marvel as our African and macaroni penguins dive and play around you. This is only encounter of its kind to be made available to the public in the UK!

You will be joined by our experienced Dive Supervisor and once in the water you will be in the company of some of nature’s best characters – you can even feed them their favourite fish! 

Penguin Dive Experience at Living Coasts from Neil Hope on Vimeo.


08.15 - Arrive at Living Coasts, welcome and collect your parking permit for the day
08.30 - Kit out and briefing with Dive Supervisor
09.30 - Dive Commences
10.15 - Dive Finishes
10.30 - Breakfast, log books signed and receive your gift certificate pack
11.15 - After your breakfast you can continue to explore the rest of the exhibit above the water and enjoy the day as you wish! 

The experience starts when you are met by your guide for the day - our dive supervisor. After a short briefing and a document check you will be provided with all of your equipment, then it's time to kit up and get ready to get wet.

Once you are in the water you will find yourself in the company of some of nature's most wonderful characters.

Once the dive has finished enjoy a well-earned breakfast in our Terrace Bar Café. After breakfast take a guided tour of the attraction before you are presented with your Dive Experience gift pack.

The Living Coasts Dive Experience package includes admission and breakfast for the diver and one adult guest for the day of the experience.

Although Living Coasts does not guarantee that the penguins will be in the water, we find that the birds are very curious about divers in the tank. In the unlikely event that there aren't any birds in the water during your dive, we will give you the chance to repeat the dive on another day or take part in the afternoon penguin feed (free of charge).

Price: £150 (including day entry) or buy 2 for £270.

Dates: We are now taking bookings for Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1st March until 31st October.  

If you are buying this for a gift, we can provide a voucher in the gift pack so the recipient can arrange a date themselves, the voucher is valid for 12 months.

PLEASE NOTE THAT TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DIVE YOU MUST HOLD A DIVING CERTIFICATE. Please download our Penguin Dive Experience Information Sheet and our terms and conditions for specific dive requirements.

Once you have purchased your feeding experience please contact us on 01803 202470 to book your day.

Please ensure you read the full terms and conditions.


"We had an absolutely amazing day diving with the Penguins! Derek is a great dive master and seriously knowledgeable about all of the Living Coasts guests, including the new seal pup! Diving was amazing, the penguins love to play with you and of course eat the fish! Followed by a fantastic Full English Breakfast and then a full private tour. This was really interesting and informative and we could ask Derek anything! None of us wanted to leave. The whole day is an experience we will all never forget! THANK YOU LIVING COASTS!!"

Rach, from Old Harlow, Essex

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