Penguins make you smile. It’s a fact, so you will start your visit on a high! The playful penguins can be seen nesting, preening and porpoising in the water. But a visit at feeding time will allow you a close up view of these amazing characters.

But all penguins are not the same: in fact there are 17 different species of penguin. Look out for the larger penguins with the ‘yellow feather in their 'caps’'. These are macaroni penguins and during the spring and summer can be seen on their nesting beach incubating their eggs or feeding their chicks.

Look out for the visiting bank cormorants. They often walk in to steal fish or gather vegetation for their nests. Clumsy on land, often stepping on their own feet, they become expert divers in the water. They are mostly seen on the cliff as you leave Penguin Beach.

Help us to continue our conservation work in South Africa to save the penguins and bank cormorants. Visit us today!

When you visit, why not drop in on one of our daily penguin talks and feeds?

Quotes All the animals are lovely with plenty of space to move about and play. Quotes