White-spotted puffer Fish

White-spotted puffer Fish

Found in the Indo-Pacific region inhabiting outer reef slopes to depths of at least 50 metres, inner reef flats and lagoons. Juveniles are common in weedy areas of estuaries. Also found in coastal bays and estuaries, usually near rocky reef or on sand-stretches between reefs with low algae-rubble reef to about 20 metres depth or in shallow with sparse seagrass growth.

Wild Diet

This puffer will feed on sponges, coral, algae, worms, sea urchin, crab, krill, silverside and other small fish. Feeding on crab, coral and other hard prey will keep their teeth from overgrowing which can become harmful to the fish.


The white-spotted puffer fish will grow to around 18 inches in length and weigh about 4lbs. The adult is semi-aggressive, territorial and nocturnal hiding during the day and feeding at night.


The white-spotted puffer will build its nest on the sea floor. The nest is well guarded from predators but when hatched the planktonic larvae often get caught in the sea current and are swept far from the nest. The larvae are prey to many types of fish.


Loss of habitat


  • Latin Name: Arothron hispidus
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