Animals & Plants

Animals & Plants

Living Coasts is home to hundreds of amazing animals, birds and sea life in Torquay’s coastal zoo & aquarium.

Seaside Attraction

Cheeky penguins play on penguin beach, stunning seals bask on the rocks and cute otters entertain in our outside exhibits. During your day out you’ll learn all about our species and their habitats with talks from our expert keepers.

This unique winding, purpose built, multi-level site, takes you on a journey alongside the panoramic views of  Torbay. Perfect for a dry or rainy day, Living Coasts houses hundreds of animal and plants for you to see and learn about.

Our Aviary

Our 5000m aviary houses over 300 beautiful birds swooping alongside the sea scapes of their natural habitats. You’ll see Waders, Guillemots, Puffins and Inca terns.


Below deck, in the magical aquarium you’ll see our intelligent octopus and deadly rays amongst the mysterious mangroves. 

Our underground viewing windows allow you to see the penguins dive and glide, as well as auk feet paddling furiously beneath the water as they play in their wave machine. The pools are up to 3m deep which allows natural diving behaviours in the fresh sea water from Torbay.

What You Say
This little gem was so much more than I expected. 
I would recommend this attraction to families visiting the area, and to top it off the Ultimate Hot Chocolate in the cafe upstairs is worth the visit itself!!! 
The kids loved their visit and watched the penguins being fed. The talks on the animals are really informative. They have great Seals to see and a massive octopus!